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These are really Frequently Asked Questions, not things that I think you might be interested in asking. I’ve been asked each of these questions at least twice. If you have a question which is not answered here, feel free to ask.

Q: Why are you using screenshot images for code snippets?

A: This blog is hosted on WordPress.com. WordPress.com removes and escapes a lot of things which are essential for proper code snippets (magic quotes, spaces and tabs, color highlighting, line wrapping, etc). Having text-based code snippets is a Royal Pain ™. If you know of any good way to solve this, please let me know.

Q: Why are you hosting this blog on WordPress.com?

A: Because I can. And because I wanted to have one of my blogs hosted here, so that I keep an eye on new features, solutions to common problems, default settings, WordPress blogging community, and so on. If one day it makes more sense to have this blog somewhere else, I’ll move it.

Q: Which editor do you use?

A: I use Vim, which is a modern variant of the classic vi. While almost any text editor is good enough for PHP coding, I prefer Vim the way it does syntax highlighting, code folding, split screen editing, smart indenting, and a whole lot of other things, which I don’t remember, but use on a daily basis.

Q: May I translate one of the WordPress Bits articles to another language?

A: Yes.  Of course.  By all means.  Please.  The main purpose of this web site is to share knowledge.  Translations make it easier for some people to understand and learn things, so they are very welcome.  If you send me the link to the translation and your name, I’ll credit your and update the original article with the link to your translation.  This way more people will enjoy your work.

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