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About this web site

This web site is about WordPress. This can actually mean a lot of things, so here is a list of topics that this web site is going to focus on in particular:

  • WordPress customizations.
  • WordPress development.
  • WordPress internals.
  • WordPress as web application framework.
  • WordPress as content management system (CMS).

To make the above clearer, here are a few things that this web site is not about:

  • Blogging (news, tips, techniques).
  • Writing (language, communication, content).
  • Programming (languages, algorithms, news).
  • Other applications (Drupal, NucleusCMS, Movable Type, etc).

This web site is on the practical side of things – specific solutions and approaches to specific problems. Of course, often there are better ways to solve these problems with other tools, but this web site is about WordPress (see above).

This web site is for you, if:

  • you are a technical person (most posts require PHP knowledge).
  • you are interested in WordPress internals.
  • you are building web applications (CMS, catalogs, online shops, directories, community portals, etc).

About me

My name is Leonid Mamchenkov and this web site is not about me. :)

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