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Tip #8 : Read WordPress Digest

Posted by Leonid Mamchenkov on December 3, 2007

If you don’t have a lot of time to follow WordPress development news, just read to this one blog – WordPress weekly digest.  One short post per week, with a summary list of what changes went into trunk.  Occasionally, there are also brief explanations like this one:

 The last change means that the next time you login the value stored in the database will change – this means that if you do upgrade passed this point reverting back to an old version will invalidate all users passwords and they will need reseting. Therefore it is a good idea to backup up your users table before updating to the latest trunk.


12 Responses to “Tip #8 : Read WordPress Digest”

  1. nerdd said

    WordPress Digest is certainly worth the time. It is really nice to get this condensed update on the development. It has become one of the blogs I always follow.

  2. marcus said

    thanks for this info. don’t think I’ve heard or seen this site before

  3. Bret said

    I like the idea of a centralized weekly post that summarizes recent changes. I’m going to check it out and see if it becomes part of my weekly blog reads. Thanks for the tip.

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  5. Drew said

    I really wish the RSS feed provided the ENTIRE article instead of an excerpt. Any chance of that happening, please?

  6. Drew,

    the RSS feed of WordPress Bits contains full posts. And I have no control over settings of other blogs. :)

    Please contact the author there.

  7. […] the same small handful of blogs — most of which don’t interest me. This week, however, a link recommending WordPress Digest caught my […]

  8. Lorraine said

    Wow!! It’s getting better and better.,

  9. Tayler said

    This is good news, Im really looking forward to playing around with it once the beta opens up.,

  10. Tom Church said

    awesome, thanks for sharing this!

  11. Anyone volunteer to a) make a meta digest of previous digests and b) update it to 2009?

  12. 143budhu said

    Great this is really informative….

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