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Tip #4 : WordPress cheat sheets

Posted by Leonid Mamchenkov on August 22, 2007

There is an excellent collection of WordPress cheat sheets at Kahi’s WordPress notes.  Cheat sheets provide a simple way of getting an overview picture of one specific topic, as well as to quickly find a name of a function or a variable.  The best thing about cheat sheets is that you can print them out, fold, and put on your table, so that a quick reference is just a look away.

If this type of documentation appeals to you, Lorelle has a whole bunch of cheat sheets for all things related to WordPress development – HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, etc.

12 Responses to “Tip #4 : WordPress cheat sheets”

  1. Thanks for pointing these cheat sheets out by Kahi. I’ll add them to my list. Thanks!

  2. Lorelle,

    thanks for stopping by.

    Well, then the only thing missing from your post would be a huge red button – “Print ’em All!” :)

  3. […] HT: WP Bits. […]

  4. Subbu said

    Thanks for the links! Its extremely useful. :)

  5. Steve said


    Will look into that. Sounds interesting.

  6. bueller said

    cheat sheets!!! it reminds me of college


  7. […] Tip #4 : WordPress cheat sheets There is an excellent collection of WordPress cheat sheets at Kahi’s WordPress notes. Cheat sheets provide a […] […]

  8. Leion said

    Looks good.
    thanks :)

  9. Bob said

    easy, neat and accurate. thanks for the links.

  10. […] WordPress cheat sheets […]

  11. […] some cheatsheets? kahi.cz : wordpress cheatsheets [ from : wpbits […]

  12. from india said

    I was searching for the function by which wordpress inserts data into ‘user_metadata’ table…..please help.

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