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More WordPress theming at WPDesigner.com

Posted by Leonid Mamchenkov on August 21, 2007

I came across an excellent resource about WordPress theming – WPDesigner.com .  There are theme reviews, forum and few other bits worth checking out.  But the best part of the web site, in my opinion, are the Tutorials.  They are so good in fact that I decided to add the RSS feed to WPDesigner.com tutorials to the sidebar of WordPress Bits (see it on the left, below Archives).  Really cool stuff!

20 Responses to “More WordPress theming at WPDesigner.com”

  1. Oh really! its very cool. Thanks for the great sharing.

  2. There is plenty of cool stuff over there. Some actually overlaps with this site, but I don’t see it as a problem. :)

  3. kimbelyn said

    it seems really great. although there are some really nice themes out there, i find myself changing them all the time since i can never find exactly what im after. now if only i can find the time, i now know how to make my own theme. :)

  4. kimbelyn,

    well, that’s the ultimate goal – help you find the stuff which works as close to what you want and then give you enough tips to fix the missing parts. :)

  5. Assenoff said

    Very usefull things over there. Thanx for sharing! Adding to the corresponding category :)

  6. kimbelyn said


    i find it hard to fill in missing pieces rather than writing something from the ground up. designing the past meant opening photoshop and creating the base leyout graphic, then chopping up that image. from there i would layout a base html page then create the css and turn that base html page into one or more templates. because i create it, i know where everything is and what i want to achieve. i have always found it hard to mess with other peoples code and/or designs.

    i have many ideas in my head at the moment, but finding the time to getting into photoshop and laying them out has been a struggle.

    maybe one day. :)

  7. kimbelyn,

    I see.. oh, well, maybe one day it’ll be easier to disassemble and fix somebody else’s theme rather doing your own thing from scratch. We’ve seen this happening with source code a lot over the last few years. In WordPress world there are a few things which kind of go to the same direction – Sandbox and K2 themes provide more of a framework rather then a specific look…

  8. auntypizza said

    This site has horizontal scrolling – I hate that. Why can’t people design in fluid, not fixed, and cater for different resolutions. Why? Because they can’t be bothered.

  9. ive been subscribed to wpdesigner for a while now, he publishes a lot of useful tips as well as some very cool themes. he’s going to do well, and im sure he will appreciate this post!

  10. Thanks again for the add Leonid. I’ve been busy fixing up my own blog lately, but will be writing new tutorials today.

  11. auntypizza,

    I assume you are talking about WordPress Bits and not WP Designer, right? If that is so, than I have no idea of what’s wrong. I’m using one of the themes provided by WordPress.com without any custom CSS. If it bothers you too much, contact either WordPress.com or the author of the theme – the link is at the bottom of the page.

  12. Small Potato,

    no problem. Keep up the good work :)

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  14. […] More WordPress theming at WPDesigner.com I came across an excellent resource about WordPress theming – WPDesigner.com . There are theme reviews, forum and few […] […]

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  16. Steve said

    Excellent site. Thanks

    To kimbelyn,

    I can design in photoshop and all but am still cluless about putting pieces together using css. So for now, I have to spend time filling in the missing pieces:)

  17. bugs said

    Subscribed to WPDesigner and installed Small Potato’s ‘Wrath’ theme on my own blog.

    Great resource and a very talented designer.

  18. Bugs,

    indeed so. :)

  19. Vide08 said

    some nice themes, going to try out some

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