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20 Responses to “Having fun with WordPress login. Box or not.”

  1. wangjel said

    tell me what do you think about this one:

  2. wangjel,

    looks nice. A couple of issues that I’ve noticed with it are – a “Back to” link doesn’t have the site’s name and the error message on incorrect login looks kind of rough. I guess it’s the default WordPress style, which doesn’t fit your design. Fix those two and you’ll have a really cool login box. :)

  3. David said

    Thanks for the tips! redesigned mine now to to mimic the theme of the whole site. http://www.thejesusmyth.com/wp-login.php

  4. Cool! :)

  5. Hi Leonid,

    Thanks very much for the mention. It’s always nice to know that I’m producing something of interest over on my blog.

    Those are some pretty comprehensive tips you give! Kudos.

  6. Ar2r said

    Great job!
    The best tuning :-)

  7. […] Having fun with WordPress login. Box or not. Graphic designer David Airey recently posted a nice tip on how to customize the look of the WordPress login box. While […] […]

  8. […] Having fun with WordPress login. Box or not. Graphic designer David Airey recently posted a nice tip on how to customize the look of the WordPress login box. While […] […]

  9. That’s a really nice tip. Thanks Leonid!

  10. Marios,

    glad to see you here :)

  11. I’m using the binarymoon plugin (I ran across that a few days ago), which makes the process of simply theming your login page very simple and keeps you out of the code.

    It works great – except for the link to WordPress (http://digivation.net/wp-login.php) – a user would expect that clicking on the logo would take you back to the site’s homepage, not to WordPress. Thanks for providing the suggestion of creating a new login page, as I didn’t think of that (in my brief study I looked at possible hooks for the login page but didn’t find any way to easily change that link).

    Another option is creating a widget (wink wink) that allows users to login directly from any page on the site, without the need to visit a separate page. Add a little AJAX majik to the mix and you’ve just improved the login experience of WordPress…

  12. oh and this plugin is good for managing your 301 redirects (and keeping track of all those 404 errors)

  13. Matthew,

    here is a plugin which does AJAX-ified login box:


    Sounds like something you might be interested in. :)

  14. ahh yes… I seem to remember running across that…and I think (for the sake of knowledge) that I’ll get busy writing a non-AJAX login widget – sounds like something fun to tackle over my lunch break!

  15. Rossi said

    Is there a way I can require my wordpress users to login to view index.php? I run a private blog (restricted by .htaccess) and would also like to require account creation.

    Here’s the workflow I’d like…

    If user is not logged in, display wp-login.php.
    After user is logged in, user is directed index.php

  16. Rossi,

    yes, it is possible. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. I bet there are even plugins to do this. But if I was to implement it from scratch, I’d do it in the theme files.

    We’ll cover user management and access levels in one of the upcoming posts…

  17. Pr0gr4mm3r said

    How to Create your Custom WordPress Login Image from Scratch

    Although I agree that WordPress deserves all the publicity they can get, I want my site logo to show on the login screen, and not WordPress because it’s my site, and I want people to know that they are logging into my site. In this how to artic…

  18. NJB said

    This is a very neat tutorial, but how do you make it match the website, so that it looks like any normal page except that it has login content?

  19. Hadi said

    hi, i re-defined the wp_setcookie and wp_login function in mu-plugins…
    when i am checking the isuer namd password(ldap) and making redirect..i got this error.. :(

    The page isn’t redirecting properly

    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

    * This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee anyone can help….?

  20. alex said


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