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WordPress help. Where is it?

Posted by Leonid Mamchenkov on June 16, 2007

WordPress is a beautiful platform. It’s small, flexible, and coded well. But no matter how small and well written the platform is, chances are, once you’ll need help customizing or configuring it. WordPress is no exception.

So, where do we look for help, when the moment comes? Here are a few places:

  • WordPress Codex. One of the best things about WordPress from developer’s point of view is its documentation. Codex is a place for all sorts of WordPress users – bloggers, developers, designers, administrators, etc. It has a page or two for everyone. The problem with Codex though is search. Search is an Achilles’ heel for most Wiki systems out there – all of them have it, but almost always it’s completely useless. The workaround is, of course, to use Google. Whenever I need to find something in WordPress Codex, I search Google for “something site:codex.wordpress.org“. It works.
  • #wordpress IRC channel. This is perhaps the fastest way to ask WordPress users a couple of questions and get answers back. The good thing about the #wordpress channel is that all sorts of users can be found there – from bloggers to developers. So, chances of getting the right answer fast are pretty high. The thing to keep in mind though, is time zones. USA and European late afternoons seem to have the highest activity over there.
  • WordPress mailing lists. There are quite a few. And again, they vary in nature from mere announcements to some hardcore technical discussions. If you are working with WordPress a lot, developing plugins for it, or altering its own source code, I strongly recommend wp-hackers mailing list subscription.
  • There are also WordPress Forums, with topic sections, tag clouds, and search, but I haven’t used them much, so I’ll skip this part.

WordPress is well known for its community. Many people use WordPress platform, and they are mostly friendly and willing to answer questions. But it’s good to know where to look for them. So, bookmark this post and sleep well at night.


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