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More options to the editor

Posted by Leonid Mamchenkov on June 16, 2007

Have you ever wanted to have more options in the WordPress editor? WordPress.com hosted blogs already have an extra button, which opens more options, but standalone blogs – not yet. Not to worry! Press Alt+Shift+V while looking at the editor, and you’ll see more buttons unfold.

Advanced editor options

All sorts of goodies are hidden there – underlines text, more formatting options for headings, paragraphs, and preformatte text, text color, justified alignment, etc. For me personally, the most important button which I have hard times living without is “Paste as Plain Text”. It comes handy when using WordPress’ rich text editor and pasting content from ugly formatted web sites.


Update: If you want to have even more options and buttons, check this Advanced TinyMCE Editor plugin. Its author warns of compatibility problems with other plugins though.


6 Responses to “More options to the editor”

  1. Anthony said

    That was a very useful tip! I never even knew that existed. It will sure come in handy.

  2. I am working on a macbook.
    It seems, that Alt-Shift-V does not work here,
    do You know any solution?

  3. Joerg,

    I have no idea. The only time I saw a Mac in my life, was on TV commercial. :) Try searching for Mac shortcuts for TinyMCE editor. Maybe it will show up something… Or maybe other Mac users reading this blog will help you out.

  4. Jeff said

    Hi all ~

    This tip is awesome! Didn’t know that advanced toolbar was available. For those asking about the editor and using Macs – the WordPress Admin page and post editor defaults to the plaintext version because the WordPress interface does not play well with Safari. If you’re using a Mac, try using WordPress using Firefox while and it should work as described here.

    – Jeff

  5. Jeff,

    thanks for clearing that out.

  6. Igor said

    The problem is that ALT tab in Mac does what Ctrl tab in PC. Maybe try Ctrl instead of Alt.


    It doesnt work in O! :-(

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